exhibition stand design

Exhibition stand design

As one of Manchester’s leading exhibition stand designers, we can design and build an exhibition stand that will get you noticed and draw in the crowds.

From simple shell schemes, to multi level bespoke exhibition spaces, Lake has both national and international experience.

For example, when New Balance wanted to create a space that was truly different to its competitors, our response was to create a running track in the sky.

We designed and built a second level to the exhibition stand which housed a glass walled running track. It made New Balance the most visible exhibitor at the show (and the only one with a second floor!).

This is just one of the ambitious exhibition stand design and build projects that has been created in our studios.

Of course our exhibition stand designers have done smaller scale projects and also unusual event projects. Like the time we converted a used shipping container into a mobile game show set.

We also work with you closely to maximise your opportunities at any event. And we make sure you get the best possible value for money from your budget.

Our aim is to create something genuinely different with your event space that will attract visitors. And we do everything. From concept to design, from build to breakdown, and everything in between.

To help you make the most of your exhibition stand design, read our top five tips on getting it right. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it might contain a few helpful nuggets. We always advise clients to get us involved as early as possible, so if you’ve booked a space (or even if you’re thinking of booking a space) and want to start planning, get in touch today.

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