The packaging is the final step in the consumer journey to purchase.

Let’s imagine that your trade launch campaign has given you good distribution. Your consumer campaign has driven awareness. The PR and social media has got people talking. The product website is getting good traffic. You’re working well with your retailers and the shopper marketing has driven people to the right fixture.

There’s a lot of time, money and effort getting the shopper to this point. Will they pick it off the shelf. And when they do, do they stand there looking at the product, turning it over in their hands? This is where your packaging has to work hard.

How do you ensure that your pack is saying what your shopper wants to hear? How important is your brand, your product name, your description and imagery? Which should take priority on your packaging?

Do you want to look like you ’fit’ into the category, or create stand-out on the shelf?

We’ve spent years answering these questions and learning the journeys of different shoppers.

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