Shopper marketing

The area of shopper marketing is something of a creative speciality for Lake.

Daniel Thwaites, Marigold, Marstons, New Balance, Pets At Home, and Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes have all looked to us to enhance their retail experience.

For example, Steam Pots was a new product from John West which combined cous-cous and flavour-infused tuna to create a quick, delicious and (in our opinion) healthy lunch.

We were tasked with developing the full range of shopper marketing communication from retailer ads, to shelf wobblers, barkers and FSDUs. All the time making sure that the above the line efforts reaped a benefit when the shopper reached the store.

It’s a great example of how an integrated creative approach to shopper marketing can make a positive difference. We understand the requirements of retailers, we know the restrictions in place, and most importantly, we can create retail opportunities for brands.

Call us today to find out how we can help your next shopper marketing campaign. Our experience could make all the difference.

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