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Advertising has changed. But what hasn’t changed is that an awful lot of it is not very good. 

Established brands, big budgets, the best strategic minds - and still it result in mediocre campaigns. How does it happen?

We think it all comes down to one basic issue – a lack of a strong, simple and original creative thought.  

There have always been basic rules to advertising and many ad failures can be attributed to these rules being ignored. Tell one message, grab attention, be relevant, be surprising, be clear. These are not new ideas, but what’s missing from most advertising is exactly that… new ideas.

So why does the industry fail to produce better advertising?

There’s lots of strategy and planning going on as agencies have surrounded their creative offering with analysts and market researchers. They’ve surrounded those with layers of technology and the ability to take advantage of the digital spaces available. And around that, they have circles of management and account handling. Somewhere in the middle, suffocated and increasingly insignificant is a creative department. 

We would argue that the answer is to put the creative back in the heart of the process. Never before has good creative been needed more. Big, simple and effective creative. 

Lake has 20 years of advertising experience. From large national campaigns encompassing OOH, ambient and cinema, to regional press campaigns. From specialist sector campaigns in print and digital to shopper marketing campaigns – always with creative at the heart and effectiveness built-in. 

We love the craft element too, ensuring that every picture, every word, every illustration and every scene is executed as perfectly as possible. 

If you feel that your campaigns are missing creative that delights, entertains, informs and ultimately changes behaviour, then get in touch. Maybe together we can make advertising great again.