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A few years ago, we evolved the Silentnight brand and it quickly became one of our most visible projects. Largely because of the  big blue and white trucks which became a very common site on the M6. As a branding exercise, it raised awareness of Silentnight, but most importantly provided a strong visual foundation for a wide range of communication activities.

This livery was just one part of the campaign which helped Silentnight Beds become one of the top 100 UK brands for the first time. Now regularly recognised as a ‘superbrand’, it was our strategic work and powerful creative that woke this sleeping giant.

But the most telling aspect of this project was the fact we did not ‘rebrand’ Silentnight. We evolved their existing brand (despite the fact that the original brief called for a complete rebrand). It’s an approach we have deployed numerous times over the years. 

It’s very easy, and very common, for brand owners to become bored of their own brand and opt for a complete rebrand. In the process, they can replace an established, well understood brand with confusion. 

Our approach is to identify which elements of your existing brand still hold value and work with the existing brand to find ways of giving it a new lease of life. Often surrounding your brand with different visual assets can be enough to build on the inherent brand value and develop new and interesting directions. 

Whether it’s a new identity for an NHS trust, a new brand of pet food, or evolving brand identities for some of the UK’s leading brand owners, we've been there. From brand concepts, through to brand manuals and implementation programmes, we can help.

We work hard to understand your consumers. We provide clear insight and sound reasoning to any branding project. And we work closely with you to create visuals and messaging that accurately reflects your brand.