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As one of Manchester’s leading exhibition stand designers, we design and build exhibition stands that get you noticed and draw in the crowds.

Bringing your brand, your product or your service to life in an exhibition environment is more than simply putting up some big pictures and logos. It means devising ways to engage visitors, build relationships and take advantage of the unique opportunities that an exhibition environment provides. 

It’s worth considering the different mindset that exhibition visitors adopt. For example, they are often actively looking for new ideas, interesting concepts and they are open to talk to companies that look interesting. 

In many marketing disciplines, the first aim is to disrupt the potential customer. Break them out of their everyday routines and catch their attention. In an exhibition hall, this first stage is often unnecessary. They are already out of their usual environment and they are actively looking for something new. Therefore, the key aim becomes engagement. 

Finding a way to get them to cross the threshold from the aisle and onto your stand becomes the goal. We have many years of experience at doing just that. Working with sectors as diverse as foods and drink, running shoes, chemicals, cheese or plastic pipes, the aim is always the same – engagement. 

The first question is not ‘what are you going to show?’, but ‘what are you going to do?’ 

How are you going to make your stand a vibrant, interesting and, most importantly, active space?

So before you book that space, consider your event objectives and how you will engage with visitors. This will determine how much space and what type of space you will need. 

Whether it’s a shell scheme or a multi-level bespoke space, we’ve worked with brands as diverse as John West, Croda Chemicals, New Balance, Durapipe and Heler Cheese. From simple shell schemes, to multi-level bespoke exhibition spaces, Lake has both national and international experience.

We have created modular exhibition concepts that can be used over several different events and across different sized spaces. We’ve also created events within events, like the time we converted a used shipping container into a mobile game show set.

We also work with you closely to maximise your opportunities at any event. And we make sure you get the best possible value for money from your budget.

Our aim is to create something genuinely different with your event space that will attract visitors. And we do everything. From concept to design, from build to breakdown, and everything in between.