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It’s a long journey to the shelf. The budget that has been spent getting the consumer to that point is normally fairly substantial. Brand awareness, advertising, promotion, events and PR. Finally, the shopper arrives in store, picks up your product and looks at the packaging. 

It’s easy to underestimate the role packaging can play in a product’s success or otherwise. 

Often within a limited space, finding the right balance between brand, product name, descriptor, usage instructions, brand story, imagery and legal requirements is a challenge. 

It’s important that your product looks like it fits in the category and conforms to the visual language of the category, while at the same time standing out as something different from the competition. 

There is also the consumer’s understanding of colour to take into account. Which colours represent premium, discount and everyday? What colours denote freshness, strength and newness?

And how are you going to make your brand come to life when the consumer finally picks it up?

Over the years we have designed effective packaging for beer, tuna, cheese, dog food, wet wipes and many other products. We know what works and what doesn’t. We understand consumers and we know how to design a pack that makes a difference.